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Two Months of Bliss (and Henry) Await

December 29, 2011

If you’ve been tuned in at all to the goonersphere today, you will be aware of one of the most exciting transfer rumours in recent memory: it has been reported by the Dailymail and, more recently by Sky Sports, that Arsenal have offered club legend Thierry Henry a two month loan deal and opportunity to play once more in the red and white.

At first, many on Twitter viewed this possible news as ridiculous or something to be considered unfavourable, and to an extent I agree. My view is that at this point in time Arsenal need a long term solution to the Robin van Persie problem: it is not that Robin isn’t pulling his weight (the opposite may well be argued), but rather that he will require rest at some point in the coming months and, as it stands right now, there is no suitable replacement in the squad. Arshavin has not been in anything resembling good form for quite sometime, while Park and Chamakh are in no position to play as sole strikers. There is also the fact that Gervinho and Chamakh are off to the African Cup of Nations for the coming weeks, leaving us even weaker up front. To my mind, it makes more sense to bring in a striker that is a) quality and b) going to stick round for the foreseeable future to add some stability to the team as well as delivering goals. Robin can’t do it all. I’m a fan of the Podolski rumours that have been flying around of late, but there is even less in them right now than those surrounding the Henry move.

Don’t get me wrong, having Henry back would be fantastic. The squad would likely gain much inspiration from a chance to play with the Arsenal legend and it’s certain most fans would lose their heads with excitement. On a personal level, I’d love to see him play for us, since my time as an Arsenal supporter started shortly after Henry left for Barcelona and therefore I’ve never had the chance to see him play in my time as a fan. I’ve seen plenty of video of him and recognize his contribution to the club, but how sweet would it be to see him playing with the current team? One chance only for new gooners to experience what many others have already.

For me, the best option is to bring in Henry on a two month loan, but also bring in an in-form, striker who can do the job when Robin is rested. It would be foolish to think Henry is in such shape as to play a full 90 minutes every time we play in the league. Imagine the Frenchman as a super sub of the highest order and now you can melt with anticipation.

It remains to see what Wenger will do when the transfer window opens, but it’s clear the transfer talk has already been burning up the internet. I’ve already been considering a new 2011/2012 home jersey with Titi’s name on it. What number would appear there is something that will have to come later.

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